How to Choose the Proper Jacket for Your Body Type?

US Marines Jacket

If you have been ruining your overall look lately then, here you guide to ace your look by understanding your body type and then purchasing the right jacket for yourself. So, let’s get started.

1) Tall body

People with tall body needs easily hung on the dress and when it comes to jackets nothing looks better than long jackets, or trench coats.

If you are fashion enthusiasts, then prefer purchasing extra ordinary jackets style and design — US marine jackets, Navy jackets, Air Force jackets, and much more, all made in the best fabric and exceptional designs.

Purchase any military-inspired apparel today and create an inspiring chic look for yourself today.

2) Hourglass shape body

An hourglass figure looks best with a princess fitting lines jacket, with a belt or small flattering waist jewels.

Hourglass shape body types have a small upper and lower body with a smaller waist and sometimes broad shoulders.

Wearing princess shape dresses, with V neck jackets accentuate the curves and enhance the body shape by making the entire look streamlined stylish.

3) Oval figures

The oval-shaped body requires somewhat loose-fitted apparel when it comes to styling a jacket, hand down. Cardigan jacket or soft bomber jackets are what suits the best for this body style.

Oval figures have broad hips and abdomen which requires cleanly natural fitted clothes not too loose not too thin.

4) Inverted triangle figure

Raglan sleeve or simply long sleeves, with narrow lapels, funnel necks or kimono bands are some of the ideal jacket styles for inverted body figures.

These body shaped people generally have, broader upper body i.e. shoulders, and narrow lower body, as discussed earlier they look the best in vertical seams that are taper to the hips.

5) Apple shape body

Belted jackets, lightweight, and short or at least above the keen-length, jacket

Skim over your widest part of the body and try to opt for bright colors to add an additional volume to your entire look.

Pear shape body

A padded jacket or A-line jackets, short jackets, or cardigans look the best on pear shaped body.

Pear shape body is flattery themselves, wearing short jackets with fitted jeans or flared pants, make your bottom half look even chic.

Doing so would definitely create interest and help to make an interesting overall look.

6) Short body type

Short figures can blindly trust the cropped jackets.

Cropped jackets make the body figure look taller and also give shapes for you to flaunt your lower body in the best possible way.

If you can relate to any body type, then we suggest purchasing the best quality jacket from the Military Republic online store.

They offer upgraded material products of exceptional colors and designs.

Military Republic is an American based online shopping store where wide varieties of military products are available and sold.

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